Launch of Sony RX10 and Alpha 7

the Alpha 7 full frame with adapted Canon L Lens.

Sony today launched two cameras that aims to be the convenient go to cameras when the DSLR is not really needed.

On offer is the highly anticipated alpha 7 with full frame sensor with 3 new Zeiss e-mount full frame lens and the rx10 that has the RX100 1 inch BSI sensor with a constant f2.8 8x zoom (28mm to 200mm)

The cameras are well built and handling wise is pretty good. For the a7 there are 3 wheels to control aperture, shutter and ISO. Pretty intuitive and I dare say can be a DSLR killer if the focusing is able to keep up with action shots. I wouldn’t know until it is tested.

Test shot using preproduction Sony A7R with Alpha mount Zeiss 50 f1.4 and adaptor. Picture sent wirelessly via Sony app to phone for sharing. Model lighted by 2 LED Panels.

The RX10 is a bridge camera with a f2.8 lens. It has the same sensor as on the RX100 so it is at least going to be quite good with low light shooting environment using the RX100 as an indication.

A7R body only – SGD2799
A7 body – SGD1999
A7 KIT with 28-70 FE lens SGD2399
RX10 – SGD1599

Look out for in-depth review soon.


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