Gadget Review: PDJ – Portable DJ

pdj_1680x1020_04 (1)

If you are into DJ’ing and would want to do some mixing while on the go, PDJ or Portable DJ just may provide the solution. Weighing just 282.3 grams and with a dimension of 250mm x 66mm x 16.8mm, it present the shape of a very thick ruler so that one have space for two hands to manipulate the dual screens on the device.

The touch enabled screen  to select songs, scratching and enable special sound effects such as phaser, flanger, delay, filter, roll and bit crusher to liven up the tracks. There are also multiple dials and knobs with cross fading switch for a smoother transition between the tracks. To help to cue the music proper, there is even a beat analyser to make short work of matching beats between two tracks. On top of that, there is a 3 channel equaliser too to customise the sound from the track you are hearing.

The PDJ do come with 4GB of internal memory space to put in both MP3 and WAV music files, enough to build up your music library. Memory space can also be extended via the SD card slot if there’s a need to. You could also record the mix unto the card to be used later at the party as well.


If one is lazy enough, the PDJ can even have an automatic DJ option so that the device could take the files in the memory and then mix it up either in Normal, Club Mix or House Mix.

There is really not much to complain about the PDJ and can be a good alternative if one do not want to bring a laptop to hook up to the music console. However there are times when I feel the screen can be a bit more responsive and the PDJ can be hooked to a pair of Bluetooth speakers for true mobility.

The PDJ can be had for SGD599 over at Atlas. Not cheap if you just want a automatic DJ but is something for aspiring DJs to bring around to practice and to perform when the opportunities arises.


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