Fujifilm X-T1 to be Launched next Month

Fujifilm is coming out with the latest iteration of the X series camera. Unlike the X-M1 and X-A1, the X-T1 is squarely aimed at the professional photographers judging by the features that it has mainly the weather sealing and also the faster response time for the EVF.

Below is the summary in point form of what I see:

Main Features
– Weather sealed
– Die cast magnesium body
– Super fast EVF response time (but as fast as OVF? Only have to shoot during review then we know)
– Everything else more or less same as X-E2
– Vertical grip (a better hold of the camera too)
– Same manual controls + front and rear wheel (perhaps back to Nikon Df confusion? Don’t know until I can test a unit)
– Price US$1300 or S$1650 (body alone). Singapore retail will be higher definitely.

Lens to go with Weather Sealing (coming in June)
– XF18-135mmF3.5-5.6 R OIS WR (the lens to get for general shooting. Perhaps will be slightly worst off than the 18-55mm X-E2 kit lens because of the longer zoom. Won’t know until it comes and tested)
– XF16-55mmF2.8 R OIS WR (the lens to get for event)
– XF50-140mmF2.8 R OIS WR

– Sony A7 Full Frame at S$1999. Singapore retail pricing for the X-T1 won’t be that keen. The difference may be just 100-200 difference. So in the end, is the feature set enough to make a difference? For me it doesn’t unless the EVF response time is matched with the camera response time in shooting sports ala DSLR.

– Is weather sealing really that critical? I can shoot D300/X100/X-E1 or any cameras that has no weather sealing in a lot of situations including drizzles. If there’s downpour, i have the rain coat for it and at most don’t shoot.

It can survive -10 degree celsius. If Singapore can go below 20 is already a miracle. So how many times do I go to a sub zero climate? For me is nearly zero. My last trip to Alaska was a mild 15 degree C.

– have to buy those lens that are WR too. More money out of pocket. I honestly think WR is to milk more money like Image Stabilisation 2-3 years ago. I am not saying Weather proofing is not good. It is a nice thing to have but is it worth paying more for it?

In the end, I would rely more on WHAT the camera can do rather than WHERE it can do its job of photo taking unless one needs to shoot in torrential tropical rain most of the time without the necessary protection.

– Wi-Fi app implementation. X-E2 ain’t that great for me TBH. If there’s any improvements at all, this is one area I will look at as well.

I done a news piece on the X-T1 as well. You can read it here:

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