Hands On: ASUS P2B Mobile Projector

One of the worst thing I could think of whenever I need to do a presentation or training at various location is to lug around a heavy projector along with a laptop.

For the recent trip to Batu Pahat for the Starry Night shoot I brought along the ASUS P2B Battery-Powered portable LED Projector instead along with my laptop. Measuring 140 x 130 x 34.5mm and weighing only a mere 656g the 1280 x 800 resolution DLP projector is a small gadget to bring along.

There are also MicroSD card slot and USB port for thumbdrives for times when you didn’t bring the PC along.

The P2B has a short throw and can effectively show an image of 42″ screen size just from 1m away which is very clear for a small group of 10 people and pushing it to the limit, it could serve a group size of about 20-25 people in a room semi dark room with drawn curtains.

For most viewing needs, the P2B do performed very admirably. For exact colour reproduction, it tends to go a bit cooler for images. Otherwise the images from the projector is sharp and easily read.

The best feature of the projector is that it is battery powered and can be brought out to use for short meetings that lasts a bit over an hour for a half charged unit. That said I have not fully charged it to test it to its limits as most of my meetings are quite short.

The projector is now at available at authorised dealers across Singapore retailing at S$799 .

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