HTC One (M8) At New York City


Under, I was invited by HTC to attend the launch of the M8 at New York. For a person who likes to travel, New York is as far as one can get in the East-West Direction from Singapore as the American city is exactly 12 hours away which literally means the other side of the world. 

So off I go and came back with two news about the beautiful HTC One M8. Ever since the first HTC I bought which is the Dopod U1000, the hardware almost always won’t disappoint until the last few iteration of Android devices. In actual fact after I got the HTC Hero (which is after Magic, the first HTC Android phone), I didn’t look at HTC as a replacement phone. The M7 is very close but was picked over by ASUS Padfone Infinity. If the M8 was the choice then, it would be a very different future. 

In any case, do have a look at both of my reports

About the Phone, first impressions:

and report on the future direction of HTC:

Pictures from New York? Definitely soon…but would be after my trip to KL to attend Putrajaya Balloon festival.


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