HTC’s M8 Review on Techgoondu.


Some of you would know I visited New York City two weekends ago just for one product launch and that’s for HTC’s newest ‘Hero’ smartphone.

Super handsome phone. It is sleek, feels like jewellery and I feel it is more geeky than Samsung’s S5. If you like to listen to music without earphones, the dual speakers in the front is the only smartphone that has this feature. And did I mention good power longevity?

Doesn’t come cheap at SGD998 but is cheaper than Samsung S5’s $1068 (Techgoondu news here). Just couple of tens cheaper but at least you feel you bought something of value because of the all metal construction of the M8.

I did a full review on Techgoondu and you can read it here.

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  1. […] During the whole of last year I witness the introduction of full fledged phones such as the Samsung S5, HTC M8, Oppo N1, Xiaom Mi3 and Huawei (no chance to test). In the midst of them all, I got the chance to test the ASUS Zenfone in Jakarta after my trip to New York for the launch of the HTC M8 which I also did a review on Techgoondu. […]


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