Samsung NX Traveller Program with Samsung NX30: I’m Going!!


Today I was invited to join a group of snappers to test drive their latest NX camera, the NX30 under the Samsung NX Traveller program at the end of THIS month!! And the best thing is that I am going back to my favourite city…MELBOURNE!! (yoo hoo!! dancing and twirling around the room).

The theme of the trip is Discover Australia: Discover Life’s Hidden Moments with Samsung NX30 camera.

Here are some of the highlights that even me, an ex-Melbournian resident, is getting really excited.

  • Eureka 88 (I went up to the Rialto Tower before so this is new to me)
  • Ballooning to get the shots of the Melbourne downtown
  • Real Melbourne Bike tours (hmmm…in the wintry conditions now? Hilly too I must say but worth a try)
  • Roof top bar ‘Naked in the Sky’ (another place that’s new to me)
  • A closer look at Geelong, a place that I didn’t touch much since Ruth’s graduation in 2000. Wah 14 years liao!!
  • Sunrise at 12 Apostles. If they can get there earlier I might even do some astrophotography.
  • Helicopter ride of the 12 Apostles (Gasp!! ok lah…not first time ride helicopter…that one was Temburong Jungle in Brunei…a Huey)
  • Sorrento. Always my favourite corner of Victoria.
  • Cape Schanck. First time going the Southern portion of the Mornington Peninsular. If there’s Sunrise shoot hopefully can do some astrophotography as well.
  • Tram car dinner. OK it has been there for the longest time but it was way too expensive for me. So this is something new.

Ballooning and Helicopter ride? That takes the icing on the cake any time!!

About the Samsung NX30 camera. Have yet to take it for a review but judging from the NX Mini, Samsung has definitely improved (you can read my hands on here with Techgoondu). It will be a great challenge for me in some ways to get used to the Samsung since I don’t own one. That said, it is always good to hone skills with new cameras as one tries to push the limit of the camera as much as possible.

Some specs highlight

  • 20.3 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
  • Hybrid Phase and Contrast Detection Autofocus Engine
  • 1/8000 s shutter speed (would require either super bright sun or super fast lens)
  • What’s the point of a super fast shutter speed if the camera doesn’t have super fast 9 fps continuous shooting?
  • 3 inch swivel display
  • 2.3M dots EVF
  • Tag and Go. Wi Fi smartphone control

Well let’s see how this goes.

For more information about the NX Traveller Program:


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