Samsung NX Traveller: Melbourne City Expedition

Super 360 panorama by Galaxy K Zoom.

Melbourne is one of those cities that makes you wonder if you should call it a city in the first place. Over the years the place has gotten more vibrant thanks to the ever increasing number of migrants and foreign students coming into Melbourne and get their education. And in the midst of the studies, slowly love the place enough to call it home. The world’s most livable city is one that should also be easy to navigate, has space for everyone and yet its occupants is able to come together and make the place ‘happening’.

The very thing that Singapore has tried to emulate is vibrancy. To me being vibrant is how to allow its people from various backgrounds to merge into a hotpot of various ingredients and come out entirely in its most organic form. What Singapore has missed totally is that a controlled environment can never has that type of organic merging one can and do witness in Melbourne – it is both at once Australian and yet has that air of ‘worldliness’ that only a true multi-cultural environment is able to create.

People are free to be what they are to be and is willing to mix and be open to others. This is something this globalised world is trying to grasp but is not that successful but somehow Melbourne is able to do it and do it to the point it is comfortable.

This city has the uniqueness to draw people in without losing its own character and in turn takes what its occupants have contributed and enhance the aura even more. Not many cities can do that.

The second day in this unique city is to explore it, going to the nooks and crannies even. It was drizzling but it provides ample opportunity to shoot the city mostly devoid of its people. That is something that busy Melbourne won’t show in the normal course of a working weekday.

Team Melbourne taking in the sights, with whatever that is in their hands. And yes that’s the gadget to have nowadays – the selfie/wefie stick.

One of the unique shops in Melbourne selling high end tea in a very ‘atas’ (luxurious) settings.

Mural done on the side of a building. It is such art installations that makes Melbourne for what it is. The vibrancy needed to be outside of control for it to grow and that makes Melbourne for what it is today. 

The apple in Union Lane. The place designated for Art graffiti on both sides of the wall. Although I am not for over ugly graffiti all over the place but once done beautifully, it adds character to the place. 

Wefie in Union Lane

Small cafes lined the small alley ways in the old part of the Melbourne city closest to Flinders Station. The food culture is predominantly western in this part and I dare say the worst coffee here is still way better than whatever one has back in Singapore.

Having my caffeine fix, cappuccino strong, at cup of truth located at the underground passageway to Degraves Street from Flinders station.

Looking at Flinders Station from Eureka Tower.

Lunch over at Taxi Kitchen located right at Federation Square.

Preparing the Country style terrine with foie gras parfait & rhubarb compote.

Sake washed Tuna, broad bean pesto and yuzu gel.

Herb roasted chicken, wild mushrooms, toasted brioche stuffing

Seared salmon, warm sea lettuce salad, artichoke salad & black garlic dressing

Rest stop in one of Fitzroy’s many graffiti laden location during our bike tour by Rentabike. Honestly? Either we do a proper bike tour without the cameras or have a good walking tour and we can shoot proper. That said, biking around, especially during non peak hours is a fun way to explore Melbourne.

Serving you over at the famous Queen Victoria Market. Very fresh produce as always at a price that is worth every penny.

Cleve showing us the way around the market.

One of many quaint cafe and bistro in Fitzroy worth exploring.

Sunset at the Docklands at the Webb Bridge.

Cycling over using the Webb Bridge.


Spewing fire in the evening by the Yarra just outside Crown Casino.

All the shots here are a combination of 2 days of activities in Melbourne city.



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