WilzWorkz Blog 3rd Year Anniversary

Got a reminder today that my blog has crossed the 3rd year. What a journey. At first I started with only 134 views in the first month of operation in 2011 with an average of 29 views per day for the year of 2011.

Yes. For someone who is struggling to get blog/website going, seeing only 29 views per day or total of 3039 views in the first 4 months is not a very good motivator.

Then my school’s logo inspired me to pushed forward:  “The Best Is Yet To Be”. It is a Bible verse no doubt but in that 5 words, holds the power of hope, the positive expectation of good things to come.

The last 3 years it has steadily grown. In 2012 I have a total of 20,319 views; 2013 -23119 views and YTD 2014 – 30780 views.

Comparing with blogs that has thousands of views a day, I am only but a small fry.

In the same amount of time, SPIN Singapore Photography Interest Network has gone from 60 members, made up of my former class/workshop participants to over 4800 members. Again, it may seemed small as there are groups that are more than 10000 members but be grateful that God has given these people to me too.

But in all things, give thanks to God and the people around me.

I also have to thank specifically Techgoondu.com’s Alfred Siew for giving me access and help. And also the various camera brands that provided review sets for me to test. Without the writing, I would have been quite lost in the scheme of things.

More good will definitely come as this blog/website slowly grows. I have yet to update on the walk I did with 500px and other successful activities I did with SPIN. And there are many more things coming this way.

And to borrow Mr Goh Chok Tong’s words “More Good Years!!”(and pump fist into the air).

The Best Is Yet To Be.

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