Book of Life Movie Screening & Halloween Party

Am honoured to be invited to cover the movie screening of The Book of Life, Organised by Party Palour with Mexican Embassy and Golden Village.

The people from the Mexican Embassy and the Mexican Association are really a bunch of fun people and certainly very warm. Kids are having fun wearing Halloween costumes and have their face painted like in the movie.

For the uninitiated, the Book of Life in the Bible is a list of people who would be given eternal life and security. The movie is based on the Mexican festivities called Day of the Dead, a day of remembrance and to pray for friends and family members who has since passed on. It is somewhat akin to Hungry Ghost festival or the Pure Brightness Festival or Qing Ming for the Chinese.

You can read about the synopsis here:

Nice door gifts to the Halloween Party

Beautiful, Colourful Painted Faces with the prayer altar behind. The people prayed to their loved ones and offer their favourite food or toys to remember them by.
Kids are having fun wearing costumes like the two sisters here.
A mini photo booth
The parents and their kids having tons of fun together.
Kids have free treats
Maria, the female character in the movie

Long queue for the games
Coloring the masks to be worn

More photos can be seen here:

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