SPIN’s 2015 Club T-Shirt is Now Ready for Order

SPIN’s 2015 T-Shirt is now ready for order through OwnAShop.com. So fast SPIN T-Shirt is now in its 3rd Iteration which means SPIN is now more than 6 years old (1 t-shirt per 2 years).  Time flies and the new T-Shirt marks the new milestone for the group as we have slowly grow from strength to strength, from glory to glory (praise be to God).

If you are interested, below would be the order link.

Delivery is self collection. To send your order through post, please liase directly with me at wilswong@wilzworkz.com

For those buying the Polo for CSR event, I will distribute them out at pre event briefing.Thanks.

The design is simple.

– Viewfinder of a Nikon camera
– Icons from a Canon camera
– SPIN word is in focus (Singapore photography Interest Network)
– Alpha numeric font in place of shutter speed and aperture f-stop
– Foto.g f SGP = Fotografer or Foto (photo), g (group) F (from) SGP (Singapore)

Cotton Polo black T is chosen as
a. Black absorb light so it doesn’t lead to additional light reflection when shooting
b. Will be cotton as it is much better in absorbing perspiration than dri-fit materials
c. Cotton is cheaper than dri-fit too.
d. Polo collar allows photographer in both casual and formal settings and yet comfortable enough to move around.

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