Quickie Review: NX1 Shoots in the Dark

Am slowly going to do some updates using my blog using the Quickie Review series and not just super big post like before. Am using this method for my on-going test with the Samsung NX1 camera, basically a camera that has promised much in terms of specification and is a game changer in the market much like Fujfilm X100 and Sony A7. So here’s the Second Quickie Review, the first being the Sony A7ii.

Shot this Buffy Fish Owl inside Bird Park’s Owl enclosure. I can only say, apart from the not so bright spot light on the birds, basically want to focus using any camera will be tough.

I also want to ensure I don’t startle the poor birds with that super bright AF assist light so basically I no choice but to see how to do MF. So here’s the surprise using the NX1. The camera boost the ISO a lot to the point it can pick up at least some details for me to do focus peaking.

And also to avoid camera shake and inability to use tripod or any pod in my possession, I shot this in RAW using ISO2000 to minimise as much ISO noise as possible at f2.8 with 1/8 shutter speed. At this point having IS does help as the birds are not moving.

After which I convert the RAW file to DNG and use RAW Therapee to post process the image.

So what you think? Acceptable?

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