Quickie Review: Anker 60W 6-Port Desktop Charger

There’s only so many electrical points you can find in your home when you have the umpteenth gadget that needed to juice up. Everyone in my house needed to charge at least one mobile phone and the external charger and with me, a gadget hog, around, the number of places where I can charge my stuff gets lesser as I have more things to charge up more so when I have to review new gadget and stuff for Techgoondu.

And there’s another problem when you have to travel around for work and with a laptop, phone, tablet, music player, external charger and for me, 2 cameras to charge, bringing all the individual USB charger would be nightmarish. Last year, I have also seen the rise of cameras from Sony and Samsung using MicroUSB as charging ports and I find myself looking for multiple port charger that uses one electrical point but charges 4 or more devices at one go. So, one device that charges one Samsung K Zoom phone, one Xiaomi 10400mAh external charger, one LG Smartwatch R and 2 cameras.

I did get one of those cheaper ones that is selling very cheaply in Singapore’s IT Show like the one below

At first it was quite alright but each port charges quite slowly and when you have all four ports churning electrons, it seems to take even longer as a result.

So I was on a look out for something more substantial in terms of charging power and a fellow gadget geek reviewer highlighted this new Anker 60W 6 port USB charger to me.

The highlights:

  • PowerIQ – The charger detects the highest charge the device can allow up to 2.4 amps per port or 12 amps in total.
  • 6 Ports – more than enough for most people though a household will be pushing the limit.
  • Auto detect volt input so it can be used globally. Great for travellers.
Marketing talk but does what it says.


The typical two pin port used by most electronics that can be easily found in Singapore.
5.0 V = 12V with each port at maximum 2.4A. Good enough for a lot of devices. Yes – made in China. Get over it.

The simple low down review:

  • One simple blue LED light at the top rather than the super bright blue LED from the cheapo charger. If you put the charger next to your bed, then having the Anker is a god sent
  • Small sized like a pack of cards or a small note book and is quite light.
  • The port are evenly spaced out so using the normal USB cables is not an issue unless itchy backside go get those thick USB charging cables with disco lights
  • Charging my Samsung K Zoom’s 2430mAh from depleted to full charge took 1.5 hours while the phone is shut down.
  • When more devices are added, the charger can still charge quite fast for all devices. That’s the reason why I get the 60W over the 40W version.
  • Higher power can push charge to more devices. 6 ports FTW~!
  • My ASUS transformer tablet cannot be charged with it as it needed a 15V output so best to confirm that your devices can be charged with 5V chargers.
  • If you want a cheaper version at 40W, you can find one in online stores for less than half of the 60W and with only 5 ports. With the amount of devices we have around us nowadays, good to have a more powerful charger to be future proofed.
  • Price: USD35.99 over at Amazon.com and 40W version is SGD35.00 online not including shipping.



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