What Makes Geek Hearts Flutter

If the Mobile Phone big boys wants to know what makes people’s heart a flutter and do the unthinkable of throwing money at them, take a leaf out of Saygus. Say what? Saygus!

Not all specs are important but some specs make a bit more practical sense and get people to part with their monies. Really.

Let me go through Saygus V² specifications and highlight important stuff that all manufacturers should focus. It is not the perfect phone and I will highlight it too.

If you guys want to give us premium phones, then these are the things to include apart from the usual.

  • 5 inch 1080p screen. Yup you see right. Like what we have been saying for so long, high resolution requires bigger screen to maximise its potential. Having 4K resolution on a 6-inch phablet is a waste of pixels. Even at 2K it is overkill. So what if you have 1440p? It just doesn’t make sense for if you smack 8K on a 6 inch screen. Repeat: It just doesn’t make sense!! (I won’t even go on about high mega pixels sensors). Higher resolution photos also requires bigger files. Our data package at 2GB is measly enough thank you very much.
  • Edge to Edge borderless screen. Apart from Samsung’s Edge and LG’s curves, all other phones are basically boring. If one can eliminate it because of tech advancement, I guess some geeks would gladly pay for it. And oh about curve screens. Really…it is not as useful as it sounds. The only place it feels right is the jeans back pocket. Even so, I’d prefer it to be flat so i can put the phone in my bag without taking up more space than necessary.
  • 2 X SIM card slots. Really. Super useful especially for travellers.
  • 4G LTE or whatever is the latest. Then again in Singapore, those who are holding on to their 12GB data plans, this is not that important. That’s why 3G Redmi from Xiaomi is selling like hot cakes when they first launched. Get it?
  • 3GB RAM. Zippy. Nuff said
  • 64GB Onboard Storage Space. More apps. Nuff said.
  • MicroSDXC slots x TWO. Yes TWO. Supports 128GB cards with a possible combined total of 320GB storage space for this phone (OS needs not included). This is a very useful thing to have actually.  Critical? Maybe not. Useful? Definitely. I can use my unused MicroSD cards in the second slots or split up music/app/picture/video files in different slots for easier archiving.
  • Android 5 Lollipop. Anything less please announce that the phone will be upgradable. No thanks to some brands they took their own sweet time to upgrade the OS. By then, more than half a year has gone by. The  V² comes with KitKat for now so I will only buy when it confirms have Android 5 as the OS. As for the other phones in the market, I can only say I will believe it when I see it. So yes. Sell with Android 5. If not, we are not buying.
  • Quad Core or Quad X 2 or Quad+Duo. So long it can process quickly that will be great. However all boils down to the RAM eventually.
  • All the *meters and *scopes (* fill in the blanks)
  • OTG (HTC made that mistake of disabling OTG on HTC One X. Don’t follow please)
  • Removable batteries. In the world of power banks, this seems odd. However tell that to a person whose battery just gone dead and cannot be charged or the powerbank is dead (don’t tell me it didn’t happen before). And lastly in terms of weight powerbanks versus batteries? More practical to have the option to swap batteries instead.
  • 3100 mAh. More the merrier. The new phones are a tad too little unless OS Lollipop is more efficient power usage wise.
  • IPX7. Thanks to Sony this trend of people bringing their phones to the showers and extreme adventures and sports got a foothold. Okay now stop and think. When was the last time you actually bring the phone to the showers? This is good to have but it also add costs to the phone’s selling price. I survived 18 years of using mobile phones without any IP anything and I don’t think I would answer the phone while in the middle of kayaking or rolling down the hill with the mountain bike. Yes there will be people using it in the great outdoors but for the most of us? Nah. I’d rather save the money.
  • Root access available. Okay. I’d be direct. Keep it clean as much as possible. Yes preload all the apps if you want but give us the ability to get rid of the apps we really do not use. If it is a good app, we will use it or we have to because our business/work requires us to (LINE comes to mind. Pity the numerous super pokey and irritating intrusions from LINE app. It is simply insufferably). If we have unlimited data plan and huge storage space hey why not? but then again it will bog down the OS through background running of these unnecessary apps!!

No price judging by the website but I can only say. Want to sell premium phones? Then give us premium specs and apps. Not those apps that bog the whole phone down. Practical approach is always the best.

Want to know more? http://ww2.saygus.com/

What you think are the important stuff to include? And what features are basically fluff?!?! Discuss!!

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