Emotique Shoot: Ng Ying Hui with Eunice Yeo

Today just did another shoot in partnership with Make Up Artiste Eunice Yeo. The model today was Ng Ying Hui, someone who basically has no modelling experience so today is to make her as comfortable as possible. Good thing I have tons of toys in the form of transparent umbrella (that is totally useless in a sun drenched afternoon), my plastic Twin Lens Reflex toy camera, straw hat and sun glasses. So we did some poses using the props and basically solve the issues of what to do with her hands.

Towards the end of the day the sun and clouds combined to provide some beautiful god rays through the cloud and the Godox mobile strobe does it job to fill up the upper half of the body when lighting up the shadow of the subject with the sun shining from the back.

After doing numerous tests with the Samsung NX1, for this shoot I opt to go back to the Nikon D300 DSLR. I matched it with the Nikkor AIS 50mm/1.4, 35mm/2.8, Samyang 85/1.4, Tokina 11-16mm/2.8 and the Petzval X Lomography lens. All in had a great time bashing through Punggol yet again with more people jostling at the shooting locations. Seriously have to consider shooting on weekdays to avoid the crowds.

More pictures can be seen here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wilzworkz/sets/72157650289282659/

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