Gadget Review: ASUS Chromebox

ASUS passed me something of a small computer in a box. The Chromebox as the name suggests, is basically a computer box running Chrome OS. The fastest way I would describe the box is that this is like the Android TV Box. Instead of the familiar Icon based user interface you see on your phone, the Chrome OS basically is an OS in a Browser.

So what happens next is pretty simple on the assumption you already have your router on DHCP so it can provide an IP address to the item readily. Just plug everything in, HDMI to the monitor or HDTV, the keyboard and mouse via the USB and you are good to go.

From left to right: Power supply, UTP, 2 x USB, HDMI, Display Port, 3.5mm Headphone jack. Simple and quick no hassles. Keyboard and Mouse via USB though I can have Bluetooth connection as well that makes it even more hassle free.
Two more USB ports on the side. Perfect for printers, and thumbdrive.
There is a standard SD card slot. Perfect for those who would bring the Chromebox abroad, hook the thing up with the hotel’s HDTV and can do work pretty quickly without bringing a laptop. Of course that would mean one has to ensure the hotel that one stays in has a HDTV in the room.

Everything work niftly and again on the assumption you are already working with Google devices and have used the Google services extensively like the Google Docs/Drive etc and also use the Chrome Browser, then using Chrome will be a no brainer.  I am on the mission to see how well the laptop would work for a photographer on a photography trip happening next week in Korea and I will be using ASUS’s Chromebook for the job. Basically this will be the trip to see if Chrome OS is good to go with or without Internet connection. For Internet enabled Korea, this shouldn’t be an issue at all. Then again, there are also things such as photography editing tools that I have yet to really try it out on a trip and would be interesting to see how the whole eco system works.

Would I buy the Chromebox over the Android TV box? Perhaps not because Android TV box has those icons and that would make life a bit easier to quickly go to the App to access the programs. The Chromebox is still more tune to how we do things on the PC.

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