Samsung NX Traveller Korea – Day 5 Damyang Juknokwon / Naganeupseong Folk Village / Suncheon Bay

Peter Shin, Me and Carolyn had a head spinning experience.
Taken from Korean Tourism Organization

Juknokwon (Bamboo Garden) Damyang

Today we reached Damyang to take in the magnificent bamboo forest, also called Juknokwon (Bamboo Garden). Seonginsan Mountain was transformed into Juknokwon. With various paths going through the forest, the 1 hour walk seems a bit too short to really explore the place.

My lovely presenter Michelle Carter showing where we are.
Just keep walking straight.
This place needs some serious wide angles. Sunmi, Peter, Gee, Stephanie, Jisun, Carolyn and me.
Jisun posing it up.
Admiring the bamboos

Acting all cool amongst the bamboo.
Eric found his angle.
One of the ajumma who mans some stalls just outside the garden for visitors to get some local produce and bamboo products.

Metosequoia Road

We left the bamboos and visited another part of the Damyang where Metosequoia Trees lined a dirt road that provided a very unique backdrop for some show stopping portraiture.

Autumn colours would be just perfect. Green works too actually.
Model: Wu Peiqi, Wind-swept hair – check, Gorgeous Smile – Check
Please queue up guys…
All blurry eyed…err sand went into ma eyes.
Model: Michelle Carter, Product Placement – check, Sexy Smile – check, Pose – check.
Doing a bollywood.
Who you looking at? Credit to Mark’s unique t-shirt.

Our Lunch Special Mention: Restaurant ‘Bakmulgwuan Apjib’

With Damyang full of bamboo it is inevitable that we will have something that has got to do something with lunch. So here we have the most famous restaurant that has serves Presidents and celebrities alike with their oh so fragrant bamboo rice. Superb!!

Located at: 22, Jukhyangmunhwa-ro, Damyang-eup, Damyang-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea, +82 61 381 1990
Steamed in Bamboo along with peas and red dates, it gives off a unique, fragrant aroma to the rice. Definitely something I would want to eat again!

Suncheon – Naganeupseong Folk Village

This is the second cultural themed village after Yongin’s Korea Folk Village that we have visited. Unlike the former, this is the place where there are real residents wearing traditional Hanboks for their daily chores so it really lends a sense of realism and authenticity to the place. Here you don’t have modern shops you would see at Jeonju Hanok Village as the houses here are representative of typical farmers’ abode as opposed to the city dwellings at Jeonju. So yes this is as real as it gets and it is to me a better alternative to Yongin’s version if you can take to time to travel south.

William Patino and his Nat Geo Moment.
We are on the Great wall of Naganeupseong … LOL.
Waiting for visitors.
Opps…she saw me.
Enjoying the piping hot sweet potato.
Ajeossi attempting to fish in a pond within the compound. This lends the sense of peace and tranquility to the whole place. Note the house number plates? These are real homes for the residents here.
Real letters means real homes with the Earthern pots in the background used for Kimchi making.

Suncheonman Bay Ecological Park (Field of Reeds)

For the nature lovers, this is the place to be where you can capture nature at its best. Suncheon has nature in abundance especially in Suncheon Bay where you can capture Hooded Crane, Spoonbill and Oyster catcher if you are into birding. We arrived at the Bay when it was pouring rain again but it eases up at last and presented us the very first sunset of the whole trip where I snapped the most memorable shot of the whole trip no thanks to the wet weather.

The hooded crane making a pass while the sun sets behind the mountain. Awesome sight after days of relentless rain.
Panorama view of the field of reeds. It would be a breath taking sight during late Summer till Autumn.
Reeds with the mountain as the backdrop
A flyby by the cranes
Henry Sudarman braves the rain to get the click-worthy moment.

Next Post: Yeosu Sunrise + Cable Car + Rail Bicycle ride.


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