Samsung NX Traveller Korea – Day 6 Yeosu / Busan Gamcheon Culture Village


We woke up to the best sunset ever during our stay here and this was really the perfect start to the day. Yeosu which was the site of The Expo 2012, is the port town for our next visit. We went to their cable car and sat through a tour of their port and then took a rail bike ride along the coast. Then it is

William Patino joined me at the roof top of our hotel that overlooks the view of the harbour.
Awesome sight with the crescent moon!!
We made our way to sit the cable car.
Cruising above the port with Peiqi, Stephanie and Carolyn
Towards the end of the cable car ride – Hallyeohaesang National Park
Superb view of the bay at the end of the cable car ride.
Looking out from the Cable station towards Odongdo
Time to get the tickets and get on the Railway Cart Cycle
Toy windmill just beside the Railway Cycle ride.
This is how it is done.
We went through this old train tunnel with ‘interesting’ lighting installations
Put the camera on slow shutter speed and the streaks will make the shot looked as though one is travelling through a time tunnel.
The carts are then turned around at the end of the tunnel. Then it is a long paddle up the slight incline back to the starting point. Always remember, keep a 10m distance!!
On the way back, waving goodbye!

Busan Gamcheon Culture Village (Little Greek Village of Busan)

The Gamcheon Culture Village used to be a shanty town for the poor during the 50s to the 70s. Over the years, the settlement located between Oknyeobong Peak and Cheonmasan Mountain slowly took on a more colourful visage and created the now famous Gamcheon Culture Village. Quite honestly I don’t know why it is called a Culture Village. An arts enclave sounds a bit more appropriate to the area. Imagine colourful tiles, murals, art installations, statues and even a small statue of the Little Prince (by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) over looking the entire place. This is a place waiting to be discovered and explore through its nooks and crannies.

Gamcheon Culture Village. A village worth of visual treasures.
Mini cherry blossom tree adds more colour to the place.
My shadow selfie
The Little Prince along with the fox visits Gamcheon, and blocked the view instead. He needs to be tamed. LOL!
Interesting things you can do with the murals.
Our Wefie with the Prince himself.
That cup at the top!
We three cat persons, me, Jisun and Sunmi just adores this cat.
Another great place for portraiture!
Doing a reflection selfie.
Gamcheon is ripe for street photography
Powerful colours.
Just look around and even the same scene has different and unique perspectives.
The murals are waiting to be milked for pictures.
Sovenior Hanji paper shoes
Even the post boxes are colourful.

Busan Express Tour, Tiffany 21 Sunset Cruise and A bit of Night Stroll through the streets of Busan

Tiffany 21 is a boat the provides buffet dinner and a sunset cruise of the Busan bay. Later did a small walkabout around the area we had some drinks. Feels that it is kind of far from the actual buzz perhaps can explore more when I am visiting again in May.

Looked as though Autumn has arrived.
Busan Gwangandaegyo Bridge
Jackie trying her best to keep her camera as steady as she goes.
Getting on board Tiffany 21 Ship.
Sun down over Busan. Awesome sight indeed!
Trying to squeeze another group shop quickly
This is Haeundae Market
Starting to get quiet at around 10pm.
Selling deep friend vegetables.
Fresh seafood!
Street food!
Kinky nights with kinky Motel rooms.
Quite happening at Fuzzy Navel. Fire play in *gasp* bar full of alcohol. Crazy things they do.
Things did get a bit fuzzy…
Quiet walk along Haeundae Beach before turning in at Hotel Ciel de Mer.

Next Post: Canola Flower Field / The Royal Feast


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