Samsung NX Traveller Korea – Day 7 Canola Fields / The Royal Banquet

That’s Jackie!! Our motherly ajumma for this trip and our food blogger. Doesn’t she look adorable here? Must be the flowers…pick a few and make some cooking oil.

Canola Fields

We have come to the last day of the program and we have only touched the surface of the Korean culture but hectic schedule did gives us a quick look at how Koreans lived from the Urban to the suburban and the rural. English may not be their strong point but they at least tried to communicate and that willingness translate into a warmth I greatly appreciates.

So what did we do on the last day. Perhaps it is time to slow down and smell the Roses Canola flowers!

Check out the size of the field!
Looked so much better without the ‘V’ sign. Peeps please!!
Ready for the NX (next) Adventure? Go find Mr Lupy  Ho!!
A Lesson On Perspectives: One thing I like to use the 50-150mm is that it compresses the scene and make the scene looked grand when the background is more ‘in your face’. That creates a strong impact. Then again something is missing.
So what I have done is to squat down and use some of the flowers as the foreground and it immediately creates a sense of a huge flower field as if we are on top of a mountain, enjoying the view. Because we have use the zoom, the flowers in front is bokeh’ed out so it doesn’t distract and helps fill up the scene. Even those pesky mini people in the background are gone. The result speaks for itself.
Be aware of the surroundings and notice what other people are doing. Yik Keat has sacrificed himself and laid down on the wet field. His raised hands creates a rather peculiar image. This shot got me the most Instagram likes. Seriously people are drawn to the weird stuff.
This picture of Michelle is worth a place on the Bus advertisement for Sydney or Melbourne pretty easily. It is nice (if I do say so myself) but can it be better?
This jovial lass has tons of smiles and laughter and it is only a matter of time she will be bursting with laughter. And just wait for the moment that she is not posing and the scene immediately lights up. There! I caught you smiling looking at this picture!
One don’t really need to see the face to know who the person was. And really some shots with the back facing you gives that sense of mystery. What’s is he looking at? What’s he thinking about? That creates another way for people to look at your pictures. Thanks Conner McRae!!
Yik Keat’s in a talk show!! Serious!
Peter, Peiqi and Carolyn are just waiting for that photo bomb moment.

The Royal Banquet – Joseon Dynasty Court Cuisine

If one wants to feel royal, the best way is to eat what the King’s eating. Now we are at Surime  getting a taste of some court cuisine from the Joseon era. This is definitely not your typical Korean food so our stomach is definitely ready for the good stuff!

Looking through Surime’s brochure, it promises food preparation that will have the best taste and served with the utmost care! Gosh it sounds really grand!! They even purpose built a house just outside Gyeongju so that the food they are presenting is put in the right settings! Oh the attention to detail! Time for some photos of the food!

A very grand house indeed!
Attention to details. Little stone tortoises.
The column decorations. It just looked older than it looks.
This is where we had the royal food. Very homely. Actually I would have preferred to sit down on the floor, like what koreans would do. THAT would be authentic.
The appetiser!
Put all the shredded vegetables that you want into the wrap, add a bit of sauce and put them in the mouth. Nom Nom Nom…
Superb pumpkin soup…three thumbs up!!
Braised Tofu and Pork stew.
Here comes the mushroom vegetable soup
I wonder how they make this glass noodles. Seems like they cooked the noodles and then just blend and mix the ingredients. The soy sauce based dish? Damn it was delicious!
Yes this is the main dish!! The Assam Pedas fish!! No no seriously…it really tasted like Assam fish…but it is a high class assam pedas fish. LOL. Still. Superb…and super spicy.
Have a closer look and salivate!
Thanks for the 2nd superb lunch of the trip!
We have not really taken a shot of the bus that was our home for the last couple of days. So here it is. Red colour. My favourite. Then again all the tour buses are red in colour and that makes it hard for us to find our bus in a crowded, tourist thronged attraction. LOL. Thanks for the services!


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