Travel Thru’ The Lens: Round Japan & Korea-Busan with Princess Cruises

I have embarked on another journey this time round the Japan cruise with a small detour to Busan, Korea with Princess Cruises on board their Diamond Princess ship.

The trip consists of

  • Kobe (boarding 1700hr)
  • Hakodate (1200 – 2330hr)
  • Akita (0900 – 1800hr)
  • Toyama (Fushiki) (0900 – 2000hr)
  • Busan, Korea (0700 – 1600hr)

The nice thing about Princess Cruises is the way they hype up the trip way before it happens. There is this ‘Cruise Personalizer’ that introduces you to the trip, the cruise ship itself and the myriad of services you can enjoy while on board.

The first business is to get the relevant information about the trip and the land excursion. Pretty miffed that the land excursion going to the Tateyama Kurobe Alphine Route is fully booked even before we have a chance to look at the travel packages so it looks like we have to do the DIY way.

Then again looking at the land excursions I have seen in my last cruise to Alaska with Princess, there are land operators at the port of call to bring you to the place and it is much cheaper though it will be a hassle. One has to mind the time and be back to the harbour. So this may be a blessing in disguise to see more than the normal land tours.

So here are the things I have done prior to the trip

Like your typical Singapore, I decided to get the tickets online first in case anything happened but my suggestion is to keep an open timing so if there’s anything happens enroute to the mountain, you still have some leeway in terms of schedule.

Will be sharing more blog posts of the visit above in separate postings so one can click on the location they are interested in and plan your own trip from there. As always, am open to enquiries.

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