Quickie Hands On: ASUS S1

A lot of people associate projectors with those big and bulky ones we see in the conference room in most offices which is not easy to carry about. There are now mini pico projectors around the market and ASUS S1 is one of those I have tested for some period of time, using it for client presentation, workshops and sometimes movies.

When looking at projectors here are the common things I look at

  • Light Output -200 lumens
  • Resolution – 854 x480 WVGA
  • Display Colours – 16.7M at 100% color saturation
  • Projection distance – 0.73 ~ 2.43 metres
  • Auto Keystone

Now this is a mobile projector so don’t expect the unit to be bright enough to show to a classroom full of people. The maximum I would go is 15 with the projector at 2 metres away from the screen. Any further the colour would be washed out. Then again when I do photography workshops, the colour cannot be too far away from the original.

What’s disappointing is the WVGA resolution as details can’t be seen easily but for texts and vector art used in presentations this should be more than sufficient.

At 200 lumens, it works well in a semi-darkened room and perhaps in a cafe  in a corner when you want to present to a group of 5 people at the table with the projector shooting around 1 metre it is acceptable. In short, want to show the projected image to more people? Get a very dark room. If it is small amount of people, then use all the power from the DLP system lamp and project it no more than a metre away.

As this is a mobile projector, it does have its own 3000mAh battery built-in which is a god sent when you are at a location with no readily available power supply. At least this is good to have since you can project virtually anywhere so long there isn’t a strong source of light for the projector to fight against.  The connectors are enough to connect your mobile phones to the projector via the MHL connection. And the USB connector means you can use the battery supply within the projector to charge your phone in an emergency.

There are small little details such as having a small trip screw hole at the bottom so I can put a mini tripod or even a gorilla pod to make the projector stand on a table.

At S$599.00 it is really quite expensive but it looked very classy because of the aluminium casing and won’t look out of place with an executive suit.

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