Travel Thru’ The Lens: Day 1 – Getting On-board the Diamond Princess

We arrived at Kansai International Airport just south of Osaka using Singapore Airlines’ red-eye flight. We did have a bad start in the form of an extremely long immigration queue just to clear customs and that took 1.5 hours off our time table. Imagine the lack of sleep and then face a huge bunch of people in a pretty stuffy corner of the airport. Cruise Arena, our agent promptly got us on the buses and make our way to Kobe Port Terminal Hall where the Diamond Princess was docked. We did miss the visit to the Osaka Castle though it is not the fault of the agents but it was a missed opportunity nevertheless.

Kobe Port Terminal Hall
Look at the size of ship up close! Although it is not the largest ship but it is comfortable enough.
On the way to board the ship via the gang way.

Built in 13 March 2004, the Diamond Princess is one of only two ships built in Japan by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries at Nagasaki and is registered as a British ship. It was refurbished in 2010 so the interior is fairly new. It is not exactly a small ship at 952 feet in length and 205 feet in height with 18 decks that holds a total of 1337 Guest Cabins.

If you are interested to know what’s on board the ship here’s the link to its various amenities and guest services:

Some of the guests are entertained by the Shamisen player while waiting for the ship to set sail. Most would have gone on-shore for some sight seeing.
Deck 7 for some fresh air
Our view of Kobe from the Balcony of Deck 12.
Saying goodbye as we cast off from the port at 5pm local time.

Here’s the timelapse sequence of our departure from Kobe heading to our next destination – Hakodate, Hokkaido

Going out to sea.
Enjoying a quiet time at the balcony.
The Diamond has many pools around the ship and this is at the stern of the vessel.
Moving away from Japan into the Pacific Ocean towards Hokkaido.
Some wefie on Deck 7.
The one thing nice about cruises is the various types of entertainment you can have on board with musicals being played throughout the trip.

Next Stop: Hakodate, Hokkaido.

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