Travel Thru’ The Lens: Princess Cruises – Busan, Korea

After visiting 3 locations in just 3 days of the trip, including 2 long train rides to the Kakunodate and Tateyama, it was good to have some needed rest on board the ship with a full day of rest and 2 nights of good sleep. After which we arrived at Busan (斧山/부산), the 2nd largest city of Korea and the Southern gateway to Korea.

The Japanese really love their Jazz and the performance was fantastic.
That’s Wilson, Miko and Wilson…Yes. I got a very nice Titanium Citizen Eco Drive Watch from the shop.
Michelle from Singapore who helped a bit with the destination at the travel information desk.
Guests enjoyed the party to celebrate Princess Cruises’ 50th Anniversary.

I have visited this city before during the Samsung NX Traveller program earlier in the year. Quite honestly by the time we reached Busan, it was close to dinner time and we did a very rushed tour of the tourist zone. So this time round, I would really like to take my time.

Now here’s the big issue – we have about 7-8 hours and the ship arrived a wee bit too early for the shops to open. Plus the fact that the ship is docked at the container port, we will be wasting time to travel to other destination that are of some interest. Gumcheon Cultural Village was on my list of to do and if that didn’t pan out, I was thinking of Yongkungsa Temple or Haedong Yonggoung Temple. If I have the time, even go to Nakdong River to shoot some birds (photographically speaking of course). But the mad rush especially at Toyama nearly didn’t pan out well for us. So this time round we did a simple tour of the city just to avoid the mad dash again.

So what’s left? The largest departmental store in the world: Shinsegae

Yup…we are here! But the store is not opened.
Used the NX500’s pano function and also the 10mm fish eye lens to produce this 360+ pano of the Olympic Park next to the river.
Quite an entrance. This is from the train station exit.
So many floors, so many branded goods and all of sudden I realised this place is not for me (like Paragon Singapore).
It has its own skating rink. I think Jcube’s is about the same size.

In the end, we didn’t stay long in Shinsegae (新世纪) because the things we saw there are mainly what we can buy and see in Singapore. We decided to head back to the Shuttle bus pick up point at BIFF square (or Busan International Film Festival Square…quite a mouthful).

BIFF square is just next to the famous Jalgachi fish market. After visiting Hakodate’s and not really fancy getting them to cook for us, we decided to do some shopping instead.
The area has the usual city buzz which we have missed during the last trip to Busan.
Street food galore! My kind of place.
Come sit down and eat withthe locals. Some sort of noodle with broth with Kimchi and side dishes. Hmmm maybe not looking at those dainty chairs.
Some local burger/hotdog
Some sort of pancake
Peanut, sweet sauce, deep fried. Delicious.
Very nice shopping streets here and things are not too expensive. Got myself a flat cap and two bags (S$12 each!)
Psy face mask anyone?
Weather’s hot but fret not, there’s a street full of shops selling hats!
The coffee culture in coffee is pretty strong. Here’s Juua’s coffee.
Juua’s preparing the Latte I have ordered.
Cute sticker with her face! And the coffee’s superb!
We stopped by this place for our lunch at BIFF.
Welcome change to the food on board the ship.
Bibimbap. All the ingredients on top of the rice, add the spicy sauce, mix it up and good to eat!
Spicy cuttle fish with beef! Oh! Best!
Arrive back on board and we have a party going on top deck.
Beautiful view of the pool with the party going on as the ship prepares to leave the port.
After walking in the hot sun, the beer is a welcome treat!

Saying goodbye to Busan and hello Osaka!

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