Travel Thru’ The Lens – Princess Cruises Kobe/Osaka

After a week of travelling on the high seas, we are once again back at Kobe. Just before we get on board the plane, we have some time to walk around Osaka town and then make our way to the factory outlet at Rinku.

Once we are let off at Namba Parks, your first impression would be an open space with a park. Instead it was a sprawling shopping mall with an eqaully impressive park on its roof top. Architecturally interesting, the building is built next to Namba station where we will take the train towards Kansai airport. The whole complex was developed by Nankai Electric and Takashimaya.

Namba park’s main square.
The buildings formed a wavy valley.
Eventually we made our way to the arcade area.
We settle for this udon shop that is just across the Takashimaya store entrance.
The next thing I know I have reached Dontoburi Food street. Note Starbucks just on my right.
The area is famous for its oversized food advertisment signs. Check out this octopus marketing the shop’s Takoyaki (octopus ball).
The famous mechanical drummer clown.
Check out the tourists taking picture of this ‘clown’
After some street browsing, we made our way to Rinku Premium Outlets just outside the airport. If you have been to the Johor Premium Outlets you would have a great idea what would be there. Still there’s something special, including this ferris wheel. It would look awesome at night!

When it comes to cruises, it is more of a very relaxing time on board the ship and a lot of rushing happening while on shore excursion. Honestly I would love to have more time to explore the places I have visited but at least I catch the main attractions first. I would go back to Toyama if I have the opportunity to do so with plans to stay overnight on top of Tateyama Mountain, visit the UNESCO Heritage site Ainokura Gassho-style village and the Kurobe Gorge train ride.

Next trip? My Malaysia trip to Mersing to capture the Milkyway. Stay tune!


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