Travel Thru’ The Lens: Milkyway Mersing + Montigo Magic

Over the last week (or 7 days) I have the privilege to travel to two countries in the span of  6 days. 3 Days and 2 Nights spent on the eastern shores of Peninsular Malaysia and then a further 3 Days 2 Nights at Montigo Resorts at Batam Island.

For Mersing, the main objective is to do some landscape shots and perhaps capture some birds. The beach house that we stayed is located just next to the beach with great access to the wild birds in the areas too because of wild fruit bearing trees around the beach house. I was joined by another 9 members of SPIN during the long Hari Raya Weekend. Thanks to Nikon I got the P900 to bring along for some test driving.

The hermit crab well camouflage against the sand. Shot with the P900.
The Banded Woodpecker building a new nest. Nikon P900
Collared Kingfisher spotted. Shot with Samsung NX1 with adapted Nikon mount Sigma 150-500mm lens.
Nikon P900 shot of a babe. The camera did a surprised me with this shot though the skin tone does look painted though I feel Rachel won’t complain when her skin is so smooth. Can’t ask a lot from a 1/2.3 inch sensor though. 
Calm waters at Quicksand Bay and a nice bluish hue. Used the Cokin filter to bring a bit of purple into the scene. Shot with NX1
Roy did a nice pose for this bonfire shot at our campsite. Shot with X-E1
The reason why we are here: The Milkyway. Shot with X-E1
A successful trip with Michael Tam, Koh Lye Huat, Loh Junn Kae, Soh Chui Lian, Roy Neo, Rachel Ong, Donovan Ho and Steven Wong.

Once I am back in Singapore and rest for a night, I went to Montigo Resorts at Batam the following morning. This time concentrating on just enjoying the place, get a good massage and nothing more (plus stocking up on the facial wash and deodorant).

More photos to come from my Oppo R5 phone. Hey didn’t I say I am just relaxing?

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