Popcorn Pods: Risen 2016

We have a lot of Jesus film to talk about and the last, most notable one is from Mel Gibson’s Passion and that was quite a few years. What we have seen most of the time is from the eyes of the believers, the disciples, the earthly parents of Jesus Christ and of course from Jesus’ point.

What we have here in Risen is to talk about the resurrection from a more unlikely source, from the eyes of the Roman Tribune Clavius acted by the most talented Joseph Fiennes.

The story starts right after Clavius has put down yet another rebellion by the Jews and returned to the palace of Pontius Pilate where he was told that Jesus is to be crucified.  From there, what we have known of the crucifixion story is slowly being told but with a twist.

For those who are  really into CSI and investigative drama, Risen would be very much in that genre and that makes it a very entertaining movie indeed more so when Jesus was risen and Clavius is tasked by Pontius to find the disciples who ‘stole’ the body and retrieve the body.


For so long we have seen so many Jesus movie but we don’t really sit down and consider all the political, social ramifications of Jesus’ disappearance during that time. So it is quite an in-depth view of the environment that the disciples are in and also what could have happen if someone has to investigate Jesus resurrection.

So if one is to question the validity of the resurrection, this is a movie that will go through all the questions one would have asked, including all the main characters in the resurrection story including Joseph of Arimathea and Mary Madalene no less.

I love how some of the interaction from the movie makes so much sense. For example the scene of Pontius and Cladius in the roman bath and Pontius ask, what is the main aim of getting influence? In the end, Cladius replied “Peace”.  And the whole film is always about peace, peace with Rome, peace with Jerusalem.

How appropriate when Yeshua promises that His Shalom can only be given by him through Him and this is the only peace that the world cannot give.

This is a good movie depending on who you ask. Yes there is a lot of creative license when it comes to the interactions as it is not recorded in the books. What I can say is that those would be the words that are said are based on the beliefs after what has really happened if Jesus does appear bodily.  And you can see the JOY in their faces when they are interrogated by the Tribune.

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