Travel Thru’ The Lens: Resorts World Genting and Langkawi

After my trip to Australia, I was out and about again this time to Malaysia thanks to the invite from Resorts World.  There a few new stuff on the hill and also they heard my request to check out Resorts World Langkawi, last time I was invited by Kedah government to check out Langkawi Island.

Resorts World Genting 

Hotel On the Park

My last trip to Resorts World Genting RWG (I still called it Genting Highlands affectionately) was still fresh, checking out nature with Treks using technology to educate the new generation to appreciate nature.

This time around it is a bit more ‘civilised’, checking out the new shopping mall and also revisit my old time haunt. My history to Genting Highlands *cough* Resorts World Genting, goes way way back when I was a toddler in the late 70s that I have my first plane ride with SIA from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur using Paya Lebar Airport. Yes, I am that old thank you very much.

Class Photo

The first stay and subsequent visits to RWG for my childhood years was at the Highlands Hotel. Even when the Genting Grand was completed, I still stay at Highland. At that time, there was a man-made lake with a small train track going around this lake and the English Garden, managed by Treks was a playground for kids like me. This was way before the outdoor theme park was built.

Fast forward 40 years and now 43, RWG is changing yet again. During the time where I didn’t visit from my 20s to 30s, RWG added a mall, an arena and the First World Hotel. Highlands Hotel was retrofitted to become Theme Hotel and is now refurbished and renovated to become Hotel on The Park.

So what is this Park that Genting is still building?

This is how it looks. Hotel on the Park is located on the left just right next to the Entrance. Pretty exciting development I must say. I didn’t take any photos because it is still building. Must not shoot while the lady is still dressing.

And so the lake is gone and here’s the exact location of where the entrance and Hotel on the Park is right at the top edge of the park.

Actually, it is not a Park but a ‘World’, to be exact it is 20th Century Fox World, the first one in the world. Of course, there are a lot of theme parks based on movies. First that comes to mind is Universal Studios in US, Japan and Singapore managed by RWS. There there is Warner Bros Movie World in Gold Coast, Queensland Australia and also Disneyland, particularly the one at Paris.

If you have gone to such Movie Themed Parks you will have an inkling what’s in store at the park. What we don’t know is what kind of rides that will be in the park and the park itself is still in construction. What I can only hope (pun intended) is that Star Wars IV (the original one), is included in the park since Fox still has the distribution rights.

According to the press release in 2013, the theme park will have 25 rides and attractions that will include Ice Age (kids), Rio (kids), Ah-lian versus Predator (adults), Planet of the Orangutan (adults), and Night at the Museum (kids most likely)

One thing I do know is that this park will attract a lot of people and to accommodate the tourists will need to a lot of places to sleep. This is why Highlands Hotel / Theme Hotel needs to transform into Hotels On the Park (HOTP).

Nice, Bright and Clean. Elevated platform for beds to sleep four and space at the bottom for luggage.

Bigger space needed? How about this party room for 6? The kids would love to be on the bunk bed.

The toilet for 4 pax and the toilet is much bigger for 6 people so no worries here.

Everything is kept minimal so the living space is maximised. There’s no cabinet but you can hang your clothes easily. The TV console? Yes looks cute.

The view outside is pretty spectacular, just like how I remembered

Situated just outside the gates of 20th Century Fox World, HOTP location is hard to beat. The theme park itself will have its own hotel but HOTP is not even a stone’s throw away and is just across a 2 lane road.

Just from the 448 rooms itself you know this place is meant to be a party. You have family rooms with assisted beds on the ground floor that family member who needs to use wheelchair can enjoy the place. There are also rooms for 4 to 6 people so kakis can really party. In short, if I am going to visit the Fox World when it opens, Hotel on the Park should be the place to stay (and get the rooms facing hills if you want some peace and quiet).

Totally love the rooms’ deco. Very fun. Very kid friendly so long your own family’s chimpanzees don’t go hanging on the wall hooks like doing rock climbing they should be fine.


Part of the rejunvenation of RWG is the completion of the SkyAveue and that includes the new Awana SkyWay too. Featuring all the shopping brands that you love including Calvin Klein, Bonia, Samsung to name a few, and at 1.4 million square feet SkyAvenue is certainly huge, something you don’t really expect on top of the mountain.

When in comes to food, then there’s the Malaysian Food Street Mall location on top of SkyAvenue. There are also the famous Burger & Lobster from London and food from other parts of the world.

I have to say that the SkyAvenue is not totally open yet but when it comes to shopping you might want to visit the Premium (Factory) Outlet before going back home too.

French Cafe – Cafes Richard. Nice place to sit down and people watch…just like in Paris.

Nice big cuppa. Maybe too big.

Fiesta Fighta Tapas – Our dinner place!

Another good place to sit down and people watch.

Ooooohhh Laaaaa Laaaaa….but I can’t eat Prawns!! The olive rice is nice though!

Now Burger & Lobster of London gives a lot of good publicity for SkyAvenue…

…must have shocked Irene…


Another highly recommended place to visit. Look for Senikome Exhibition and in it there’s a cafe that served superb Eastern Peninsular Malaysia food (Not Sabah Sarawak but Pahang). The Nasi Kerabu!

Seriously…damn good looking.

Still not enough? Go to the top floor of SkyAvenue and go to the Malaysian Food Street. This is much bigger than Singapore’s so there’s definitely more variety!

Kway Teow~~

Curry Noodle~~

Won Ton Mee~~

Claypot Rice~~

Wash down with Sedap Penang Chendol lah!!!

Time to go to Langkawi via the AwanaSkyway.

Resorts World Langkawi

The trip to RWL can be a post by itself because of all the fun we had when we are there. Situated on the South Western tip of the Peninsular of the Island of Langkawi, the RWL is also the berth for the Star Cruise’s ship and so will have a lot of visitors passing through when the ship’s around. However RWL is a very peaceful and quiet place facing the islands of  Dayang Bunting, Singa Besar, Tepor, Kentut Besar and Beras Basah.

Give you a quick summary of our time at Langkawi!

As it is also at the tip of the Peninsular, you can see sunrise over Pulau Dayang Bunting over the window or balcony facing the sea. Spend a bit and get yourself on the Sunset Dinner Buffet Cruise and watch the sun sets as you enjoy the view with a beer in hand. Romantic Max.

Of course if you want a bit of hustle and bustle, the Resort is around 5-10 minutes drive away from the main tourist town, Chenang where I have stayed during my last visit to Langkawi.

Here are some of my old photos from the last trip.

Shot this around Masjid Kuala Teriang Langkawi

Shot this at Langkawi Sky Bridge

And shot this at Resorts World Langkawi way back in 2013.

Langkawi is definitely easy to drive around and do make the point to explore the island. You have Kilim Geopark which is at the Northeast Corner of the island but has a bit too many tourist. The alternative is the one at North but am not so sure if they have continued with the Tourist project there.

The reason why we are at Resorts World Langkawi is because of the new rooms at the Resort. I am particular in love with their Signature suite which is like a home within a home. Kitchenette, Living Room, Balcony, Walk in Wardrobe and even their own massage room. Seriously awesome! Check out the video below!

The Signature Suite

View of my Premier Seaview Rooms’ Balcony towards the islands during Sunrise. Mr Jeremy Goh getting ready to do his flight.

Always nice to greet the sun by the sea.

Our guide for the day.


Chiu Yen


Hannah Chia


KW Leong

Although you won’t be going into the water during the Kilim Geoforest tour, at least get ready to be wet because of the speed boat.

Tropical Charters’ Sunset Cruise at the Resort is actually a good way to end a day of adventure.

Here’s the Boat

Jeremy thinking…dunno what he think lah.


Enjoying the sunset with dinner.

The view was excellent. Wish I could fly the drone up.

Just before we return to port.

Still want to Party? Kalut Bar came highly recommended…

…Because of this!

One last look before going back home.

It may be a whirlwind trip but it was a journey that I had a lot of fun reminiscing. I can see that RWG new plans for the hill is starting to bear fruits and RW Langkawi is as adventurous as ever.   It is good that there are upgrades that cater to the changing tastes of the younger generation who likes a bit of quirkiness fun.  Here’s looking forward to Fox World Genting and maybe a diving trip to the nearby islands of Langkawi!



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