Razer Phone: Gamer Centric Phone


We have seen a lot of new phones this year other than from Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG…the usual suspects.

This year there are more brands coming in strong: ASUS, Oppo, Essential, Huawei, Moto and Nokia. But the super special is in my books Razer.

Razer is famous for its gaming peripherals. As more gamers going console and mobile, it is only logical that Razer will try to get into the mobile gaming accessories market.

The problem is the mobile phone with accessories is not really pocketable and what’s the next step? Make your own phone.


And quite honestly for all the complaints about its camera, it is actually not too bad considering that the main objective of the phone is gaming. Yes, you don’t have a lot of camera scene modes and settings but that’s beside the point.

Why do you want to buy a gaming phone? Then there have to be compromises and the camera is not the best, it is also not too bad either.

The 120hz screen is nice but like the 4K screen on mobile, I think is a bit overkill. I can play Gear Club and Titanfall Assault with no issues with my Mate 9 too that means even 1-year-old gear is not too shabby either. What Razer should think is this: Are their feature set easily replicable? I would say yes and I can conclude too that 120Hz screen is nice to have but definitely not necessary for a big screen. But I still hold the view that a 2K/Quad HD screen is certainly better for a 6-inch screen and that Razer has nailed that spec.

How about the speakers? It is okay…not impressive. Loud yes…Hi-Fi quality it isn’t. Besides if you play music in the MRT with this I will give you the death stare. Please. Headphones and keep the volume down.

Here’s my more detailed take on Techgoondu.com


Sample Photos: https://www.flickr.com/gp/wilzworkz/0pkM19

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