Meet Up Shoot Eat: Hot Day? That Calls for Ice Cream!

Like any hot day I went to my local supermarket to get myself some Ice Cream. I wanted the tub but think maybe just get some sticks one I can control a bit. Today’s a bit special because the good people from F&N Creameries were discussing about their confectionary when I took three boxes of Potong going for special price of $10 for 3 boxes of 6 sticks (roughly 55 cents per stick). The boss said a big ‘Thank You for supporting us!” and we strike up a conversation about taste testing.

TL;DR. I now got a total of 7 boxes of Ice Cream and A Taste Test.

This is the wafer sandwich range that is just being introduced to the supermarket that comes in Durian, Chocolate and Yam flavours. For those who frequent the Ice Cream vendor with the motorbike, this is the closest that you get from the supermarkets now.

Fairly simple indulgance. A soft wafer biscuit sandwiched a thick piece of Ice Cream. Out of the three, I enjoyed the chocolate the most. It has that Milo richness and creaminess although not at the level from more expensive Ice Cream from the likes of Ben and Jerry’s and Andersen. But I have bad cheap ice cream before and this is really not bad at all.

The yam is the second. It lack that creamy taste of the chocolate but is flavourful enough to have a hint of yam. The durian flavour I felt is more artificial than what I would like it to be though.

The wafer series comes in multipacks of four at $4.35, 5 cents cheaper than buying it individually.

MUSE Verdict: Chocolate. Really nice!

Here’s the F&N King’s Potong Ice Cream range that was sent to me to taste try. Teh Tarik, Black Sesame, Thai Mango and Musang King

I think I will go by the most creamy list followed by the taste list.


  1. Potong Signature Thai Mango
  2. Black Sesame
  3. Teh Tarik
  4. Potong Gold Musang King


  1. Potong Signature Thai Mango
  2. Teh Tarik
  3. Black Sesame
  4. Potong Gold Musang King

Out of the 4, I definitely have high hopes for the Musang King. I love my durians and it is Potong Gold and the high price is due to the use of actual Mao Shan Wang puree from Malaysia and added fragrant coconut milk and is natural without any artificial flavouring. It did taste better than the Durian Wafer but it is not as creamy that I come to expect. At $15.80 for 6 sticks it is not exactly cheap too, but we all know how the real durian costs like right?

The Thai Mango got my vote in this round. It is creamy, extremely flavourful thanks to the mango bits inside the ice cream itself so much so you felt that you are actually eating real mango (okay sounds rather exagerated but close your eyes, the creamy sensation does help a bit)

The Teh Tarik and Black Sesame retains the flavours that I come to know. The Teh Tarik reminds me of Thai Red Tea in terms of taste. Can be a bit sweeter than necessary. The Black Sesame is great too and it gives that powdery sensation in your mouth as the Ice Cream melts.

In the Potong Signature range, there’s the coconut flavour that I didn’t get to try.


Teh Tarik/Black Sesame/Bubur Hitam – the promotion is 3 for $10 now at my Ang Mo Supermarket

Potong Signature – $6.95

Potong Gold Mao Shan Wang – $15.80

MUSE Verdict: Potong Signature Thai Mango.

About Meet Up Shoot Eat (MUSE)

We are a bunch of hobbyist photographers who are also into good food. We are into enjoying life to the fullest, having colourful things to fill our eyes, and good food to fill our stomachs. We meet up, to shoot and eat! If you are interested to host us, do contact me!

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