Fujifilm X-Photographer: Wilson Wong U S

Views on The Fujifilm X100

The Fujifilm X100 is one camera that has in the same way as the iPhone, created the sort of monumental paradigm shift in terms of picture quality in a small camera body.

For someone who has a rangefinder camera, the X100 looks vintage not because it looks nice but it has real practical implications in the usage and control of the camera. I would say the function demand the form of the camera and that’s what it is different from other manufacturers that has designed their cameras to look old and yet has none of the practical considerations as required by photographers. The fastest way to change a camera is to twist rings and turn dials. Button pressing is not as intuitive.

The X100 is by no means an easy camera to master but it rewards the user handsomely with image quality that would have put some DSLRs to shame. Despite the fact that it does not have the X-trans sensor like the X-Pro1, the careful pairing and calibration with the Fujinon lens is the masterstroke in delivering images that is very close to the very best that a 35mm film Rangefinder camera can produce. The X100 is so good that my DSLR is used less often now over the X100 during my travel assignments, events shoot and private functions.

One feature that was not mentioned much is the in-built panoramic function. It has served me well in various situation during my travels and work. Although it still has some shortcomings, and when it delivers, it delivers brilliantly.

Wilson Wong Profile

38 year old Wilson is a self taught photographer whose passion starts with his father’s old Canon L (Leica mount) Rangefinder camera. Since then he has taken photos with Canon EOS film cameras, various brands digital SLRs, self assembled 35mm compact camera & twin lens reflex cameras LOMO camera, Fujifilm S5 Pro and the X series.

He was also involved in doing product reviews including camera product testing with Singapore’s main English newspaper The Straits Times’ Digital Life weekly IT magazine that includes cameras from Leica, Sony, Ricoh and Panasonic Lumix.

Some of his works are published in calendars, exhibitions and selected as Nikon Editor’s choice.

Passionate in photography, he was the founders of the 1000+ strong Singapore Photography Interest Network (SPIN). founding member of the National Trade Union Congress Youth Chapter’s Photography group 20/20, Monash University’s Photography Club at Caulfield Campus and various clubs. He also instructs introductory and basic photography to members of the public and recreational clubs throughout Singapore.

He is also active in forums and social networking sites such as Facebook, Clubsnap, dpreview and Fujfilm X series focused group,http://www.fujixseries.com/

The one genre that Wilson is interested in would be travel photography that would include street photography, food, candid portraiture and landscape. He organises photography photo walks in Singapore as well as overseas trips to Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia under the WilzWorkz’s “Travel Thru’ The Lens” Series.

Taken from: http://fujifilm-x.com/photographers/en/wilson_wong_us/

Korean version

On Pin It: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/108227197267980406/



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