STEP 1: INTRO – Know Your Camera from Mobile Phones to DSLRs

2 Day Intro  Photography Workshop Inclusive of Outdoor Practical

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but for the pictorially disinclined, a photograph could be an easy way to avoid lengthy explanations.

Participants will be under the tutelage of the self-taught Wilson Wong, with 2 hours of photography theory conducted indoors on Thursdays (additional classes can be arranged), as well as 4 hours of outdoor practical class, covering both day and night shoots on a Weekend.

The class aims to help people to understand and remedy these problems:

  • Focusing is always not correct
  • The colour from the camera is weird
  • Why the night time shots are so terrible as I can’t seem to get anything from my shots
  • Understanding the various modes on the camera and using it effectively and efficiently
  • Getting interesting shots

With the focus on getting the user to maximise your camera, the course will be covering essential skills needed to capture beautiful shots from landscapes to portraiture, from food to flowers (and the occassional bug).  There won’t just be a course on how to do settings, but real solutions to practical problems that is easy for the beginner to grasp and utilise.  The subjects covered are essential to capturing images from your overseas trips, the family photo album for significant events such as wedding, birthdays and of course holidays.

The introductory classes will also equip participants better to participate in the Basic Manual Training (BMT) to further enhance their photography by using the SAM (Shutter, Aperture, Manual) modes and introduction to simple post processing.  Participants will also be invited to join a special group of photographers to enjoy free photography outings, food photography sessions, group discounted overseas trips, film/lomo photography and event photography.

Wilson is a professional specialising in Product Photography, Event Photography, Wedding Shoots and Travel Photography, and has participated in exhibitions, conducted various workshops and courses at Community Clubs and Private Clubs,

He was a Product reviewer with Singapore’s The Straits Times weekly insert magazine, Digital Life, and has tested out Cameras such as the Sony Alpha 700, Panasonic LX5 to name a few. Masterful in his wedding shots as well as poster designs and baby portraiture, he mentors numerous students who are keen on honing photography skills.

If the quirky spelling of WilzWorkz isn’t going to do much about your camera skills, then surely his passion for photography will do the trick.


  • Taught by Wilson Wong
  • Was sent by Tourism Western Australia and to document his travelogue during his trip to Western Australia.
  • Photos chosen as Nikon Club Editor Choice, Photos in Books, Exhibitions and Newspaper including Air Asia/Life Travel Photography contest, Eye the City Photo Exhibition Tours and books.
  • Theory and Practical lessons to hone essential skills
  • Subjects taught are applicable for overseas trips, family portraits and important events.
  • Suitable for any cameras from Compacts to DSLRs
  • Focus on getting the things right, not get marred in technical details.
  • Small Class size for that individual touch
  • Outings can be attended numerous times, with no restrictions and with no additional charges.
  • Free entry into Photography Club to access to more activities and events including outings, overseas trips and food photography to improve photography.

Feedback Comments from Past Participants:

“上你课很生动有趣,学习很多。。。” Ms Michelle Tong

“Good tips & advice based on experience” Mr Eduardo Reyes

“The presentation included all the basic but important functions that we needed to know.  Very comprehensive and helpful.”

“I’ve did yesterday a theoretical class and this weekend will do the practical one and it’s being great. I truly recommend him to open to IBM folks.”
Mr Otavio A. Camargo, IBM Global Business Services

“Hey dude just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your course and I think it was worth the fee. I’ve learnt a few tricks and also it’s good to know my friend Suresh learnt alot too. Thanks and keep doing what you do.” Mr Roy Quek

“Friendly and fun loving instructor, lesson content was delivered well. There was time in class to practise what was taught.” Ms Tan Ze Xuan

“I really appreciate the individual attention given to me” Mr Alex Shen

“Wils’ willingness to attend to our individual questions and queries”
Ms Jasmine Sim

“It is presented in a fun, interesting and hands-on way instead of just based on reading materials.” Ms Doris Lee

“Wilson’s friendliness, attempts at jokes to lighten the mood. Very helpful”

“Fun environment & helpful instructor” Ms Melinda

” It was a fun outing class and at least after 2 session class (theory + practical), I can now utilize a bit my DSLR camera. At least now I know how to use a tripod and shoot in night time ! Lol… ” Mr Harun Ang

“For me, practical lesson is beneficial than classroom theory. I could actually learnt from hands-on session. And like the old quotes,  if u don’t try out, u would not know what u really don’t know. I really enjoyed the Practical shoot-out. ”  Mr William Neo

“Friendly and interactive, enjoyed practical lessons as well.” Ms Eva Poon

“Nice group picture taken for our outing on 4th Sept! The lessons you provided were great! We had lots of fun too~ =) ”  Ms Regina

“Thanks for the guidance!” Ms Helen Law

“Wilson being funny,so the class was not boring. And he gave advice on the dot so that participants can learn immediately”

“Wilson is able to make the presentation interesting and had learn a lot from the lesson.”

“Lots of informative aspects about photography & camera. Alot of the features are in in my camera which i had never noticed. The presentation also answered my questions on why my photos always turn out so lousy.”

Any inquiries please forward them to

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