Travel Thru’ The Lens: Krabi, Thailand

I once had a friend who commented about me doing nothing when I am in the middle of paradise. “What paradise” I quipped “It was nothing but work when you are in Singapore.” That was when he (or was that a she?) says, “You have beautiful beaches throughout South East Asia whereas we Europeans have … Continue reading

Getting Too close for comfort

I guess today I feel kind of tight…keep seeing cramp spaces in photos. Give some briefing space to your subjects so those viewing don’t feel boxed in. To me there are few types of photos that catch attention. Tight photos do force the person to see the photos but after a while, it don’t hold … Continue reading

Recce Trip To Ria Bintan Resort

Glad to take some time away from Singapore and check out the Ria Bintan Resort to plan for a short overseas outing for the Singapore Photography Interest Network (SPIN) for some adventure and astro photography. Do look out for my blog post on this adventure and be part of the SPIN trip later this year.

What Makes Geek Hearts Flutter

If the Mobile Phone big boys wants to know what makes people’s heart a flutter and do the unthinkable of throwing money at them, take a leaf out of Saygus. Say what? Saygus! Not all specs are important but some specs make a bit more practical sense and get people to part with their monies. Really. … Continue reading

Cosplayers Shoot Redux AFA2014

Happy New Year!! I start off with the year with some unfinished business from a shoot in early December. Here are some photos of cosplayers I have shot and post processed while testing the NX1.  You can see the difference between the pre/post processed versions of the photos. Of course when one has done the … Continue reading

New Zen Fone?

ASUS today unveiled a teaser trailer of their new Zen fone. Judging from the video, the lava speaks of liquid metal and concentric circle will be the highlight of the new design language for the new phone from the Taiwanese maker. After the last major launch of the Padfone that didn’t register well, this new phone … Continue reading

Sony Alpha 7 Mark 2: Test Status Report 1

Now in the midst of testing the A7ii with actual shooting circumstances. Here’s a pano shot of the Singapore Skyline from another perspective with multiple shots and then stitching using Photoshop. After today’s shoot here’s what I found. – When matched with Alpha Mount APS-C Carl Zeiss lens 16-80mm, the auto crop function in the … Continue reading