WilzWorkz Photography Training

The history of why I am into training is simply because I was selling Fujifilm cameras doing my own simple business all over the Singapore campuses of the Universities and Polytechnics.  As digital photography was pretty new then, a lot of my customers do not know how to use the new fangled gadget that doesn’t use film at all and so as part of the deal of buying from me, they get to sit in my training classes.  Fast forward to the current time, I still have training in all the basic photography knowledge that one should have before embarking on more serious photography projects such as macro, food, studio shoot etc.

I always advocate getting the fundamentals right. That means knowing the relatively simple features in the camera to get your everyday photography right. When I mean right, it means the exposure is correct, the flash is used when necessary, getting the basic composition at the point the picture looks interesting and lastly but most importantly, the focus.  Only then will the need to talk about reading exposure, aperture and shutter speed usage will come into play.

When all the basic is said and done. Then there are other workshops such as food photography, photoshopping, studio shoot, product shoot, travel photography essentials etc.  There will be talks on newest technology advancement and will do it just before major IT shows.

Generally this is how the WilzWorkz Training Plan Goes

Step 1) INTRO – As in introduction, to get participants  to know the key features in the camera and correct all the horrible mistakes no thanks to mobile phone photography.  This class is suitable for all types of cameras from mobile phones camera to medium format cameras (ha! Got you there!)

Step 2) BASIC – A step beyond the INTRO, one would need to know about exposure reading, aperture and shutter speed use for creative photography.

Step 3) ADVANCE – Flash Use and Basic Studio. This is to equip participants the general knowledge in using their flashlights.


The workshops are designed to introduce the various genres of photography commonly seen in photography. The may include

  • Food Photography
  • Travel Photography
  • Simple Studio Portraiture
  • Advanced Studio  Techniques
  • Photoshop Basic – Skills to correct mistakes
  • Photoshop Advance – Using Photoshop for Digital Imaging

For more information about the courses and workshops, do Contact Wilson at wilswong@wilzworkz.com. Perhaps you could join WilzWorkz Facebook Page or join our community of learner/experienced Photographers over at Singapore Photography Interest Network (SPIN) where announcements of Workshops and Courses will be made.

WilzWorkz Page: http://www.facebook.com/WilzWorkz
SPIN Page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/Singapore.SPIN

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