The Man Behind The Lens

Wilson is an avid photographer who provides photography and creative services. He has helped or managed photography clubs such as Monash Photography Club, Pasir Ris Elias CC, NTU Alumni Club & Singapore Photography Interest Network (Facebook-based). His works are selected for Fujifilm’s X-Photographer Gallery, Young NTUC Calendar, Eye The City and Nikon Club Editor’s Choice. Some of his works were sold at Culture Square Gallery.

He was also the official photographer of Comedy Masala, the local stand up comedy club started by a foreign talent, Umar Rana, that has garnered enormous popularity in the local stand up comedy scene ( as well as cross-straits performances such as Causeway Exchange (

He also worked with various Tourism Organisation such as Malaysian Tourism, Korea Tourism Office, Tourism Victoria, Tourism Western Australia, Tourism Tasmania and various Japanese Tourism Organisation. He now works together with X-Trekkers Singapore to introduce special and yet accessible photography trips (Muslim friendly too).

The Early Years: Pre 1998

Wilson’s first foray into photography was through the introduction of a Canon rangefinder camera and it slowly build upon the knowledge when Canon first introduces the first consumer film SLR the EOS500.

His love in photography is further strengthened when he led a group of photographers to cover Hostel events through his stay in Nanyang Technological University.

Business Experience in Imaging Technology: 1998-2002

After graduating with a degree in Business, he was involved in marketing of photo printing technology and services in start-ups dealing with chemical based printers and slowly sees the introduction of digital camera to the masses. His involvement in IT firms also allows him understand the IT resources needed to have a fulfilling photography experience

Prior to furthering studies in Australia, he started selling Fujifilm digital cameras at bazaar markets at tertiary institutions such as Universities and Polytechnics and have conducted free introduction to digital photography. He was then approached by The Straits Times to write IT product review articles including photography equipment such as DSLRs and Compact Cameras.

The Australia Years: 2002-2005

Looking to further his knowledge in the application of IT, he embarked on a Masters program in Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. During his stint there, he became the pioneer member of the Monash Photography Club and act as its consultant and also the in-house trainer for basic digital photography classes. Wilson is also involved in organizing trips to various parts of Melbourne to allow the club members to hone their skills.

The club is so successful that it has become the second largest student group after the University’s student union over at Caulfield campus no thanks to pioneer members such as Petrina Khoo, Michelle Goh amongst others. Not a small feat considering that we were operating with no experience at all. The legacy has even survived that the club is still in existence after all these years, serving the student population with classes, outings and competition.

Current History: 2005-2011

Upon returning the Singapore, Wilson again embarked on writing for The Straits Times, giving critical reviews of cameras and other IT peripheral that came along. Some of the recent cameras that has been tested include the Olympus E Series DSLR, Nikon and Canon Compact Cameras, the Panasonic Lumix LX-3 and the Sony Alpha 700 with Carl Zeiss lens among others.

Some of the stories can be found here:

Continuing His Love of Sharing Knowledge

After getting questions from friends and family alike on what cameras to get, Wilson decided that there is a place to give simple instructions to people who just got their first digital camera. With more features in a camera comes greater confusion in how to utilise their compact cameras that delivers better results. Hence he applied to become a trainer with the People’s Association, a grassroots organization, giving lessons to residents in Singapore’s housing estates.

After a year of teaching, he realized that conducting a training course would not keep the interests of participants alive for long and hence the idea of bringing all the people into individual clubs, and then grouping then under the Singapore Photography Interest Network. Supporting members through activities and community bonding.

Starting of Photography Clubs+ Helping Out with Niche Photography Events

With the support of the grassroots leaders of the community, Wilson sets up photography clubs at some housing estates around Singapore using the experience he has accumulated while in Australia. At this moment in time, the following clubs has been set up to cater to members of the community.

Here are some of the activities that I have done with the photography groups:

  • Coverage of Youth Olympic Games Torch Running Event

  • Various Street Photography (Old parts of Singapore town)

  • Events photography (Singapore Arts Festival)

  • Nature Photography (Migratory Bird Reserve)

  • Classes (Basic DSLR course, Compact Camera Course, Introduction to Studio/Flash)

  • Black and White themed photography (Eye the City Project)

Apart from helping out, he volunteered as a critique/facilitator with the Eye the City Organising Committee. Eye The City is a non-profit organization that aims to capture the images of Singapore on the last day of the year and present the photos in monochrome in a compilation book. The photos are also on exhibition tours in Singapore and also around the ASEAN region.

Motivating Photographers: The Birth of ‘Travel Thru’ The Lens’ Program

Travel Thru’ The Lens is actually an initiative to bring photographers on a journey of self discovery, to grow deeper in love with the hobby of photography and to help merge people’s love of travel and photography. The main aim is to educate photographers about the environment, the people, the culture and the beauty of other countries and have a deeper appreciation of what the world has to offer.

The first trip organized through this program is 7 days 6 nights to Nepal where photographers get to take the locals in their raw environment, their spiritual life through their temples and also appreciate the mountains and valleys of the Himalayas.

The initiative to work with Waterfall Survivors and to expose photographers to the wonderful natural beauty of Malaysia’s rainforest and its waterfalls, its flora and fauna of Tasik Kenyir.

Do look out for new photography trips that you may want to join while honing your skills.

Special Interest Groups In Photography

In 2011, the SPIN group has grown steadily and it was apparent that there should be some sub-groups that caters to different areas of photography.

They are:

More to Come

Wilson is certainly looking forward to bring more to the table by serving people to the best of his abilities while still able to bring Glory to God, one photo at a time.

Be in Shalom Peace for You Are Greatly Blessed, Highly Favoured and Deeply Loved!

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