Advice for Purchasing Photographic Equipment

It was only so long ago I was introduced to photography using my father’s professional film RF Film camera. Why professional because there is no metering, there was no autofocus and everything is basically manual settings. Horrified would be the word to use for those who just got into photography.

It was certainly a blessing as I have went through all the purchasing done and realised that there are a lot of things that a consumer would be hoodwinked into buying, especially when one do not know what are the features that are important inside a camera. There was also misconception that only big and bulky DSLRs will take exceptionally great pictures. There are tons of mis-information from increase of Pixels means better pictures/resolution, or new means better technology.  Nothing can be further from the truth.   How  do I know that?  Because I was hoodwinked once too many.  Good thing that my stint in The Straits Times as a Freelance Gadget Reviewer in Digital Life gave me greater insights about not just the product but the motivation behind the sale of a product.  Setting up this blog is also a way for me to allow people to pick my brain.

There are just too many advice given out by people who know nuts about photography and worst of all, coming from a person who has a sales target to meet.

My best advice to date: Learn what you already have. Understand the features and technology within the camera that you already have and then you will have the knowledge, and hopefully the wisdom that goes with it, to buy things that matches your taste in photography and not what others are saying.

Hence that’s my approach. Don’t waste money on things you do not need, to impress people who don’t really care with money you can’t afford in the first place. Who suffers? Definitely not me.

I hope that my articles will be of great help to my readers as they have for the SPIN clubs. Do comment in the blog if there are questions. I would love to help as much as I can.

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