Singapore Photography Interest Network is In The News

SPIN is now in the news! is the first bilingual-friendly web portal managed by the Singapore Press Holdings.  The portal provides latest news and infortainment for web-savvy users with 15 million page views and 550,000 unitque visitors each month.

The article speaks about learning photography via clubs and SPIN is the featured group. It talks about the club as being open and people from all ages can join us. in order to allow learner photographers to socialise and learn from each other.

Serene Xin, who joined us in February says that our group has helped her lots in terms of techniques and the members are friendly. She has joined our outings and have learn different methods to capture images.

The main emphasis, the articles continues, is to learn photography with whatever you have in your hands and to get the manual camera such as a DSLR as one learn the skills to handle a camera.

To read about it go to (do note it is in Chinese):

Many Thanks to Serene for the interview and Maggie for the article.

NB. SPIN is the photography group started by Wilson Wong with the view to gather those who has attended his classes and wish to further their love for photography.

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