Goondu Review: DJI Spark

I have the DJI Spark drone only for a couple of days and while it is not the top range drone, what it represents is the ubiquity of having a drone with you and to control it quickly for a selfie/wefie.
Then again, it is not just that. It is really a powerhouse of a drone that will fly far enough (2KM with a controller) and even higher than what CAAS allows you to (120m). For its size, it is way better than drones such as Parrot Bebop 2.
The imaging tech is even more impressive. For a drone that is no larger than you typical hardcover novel, it has a 12MP camera with a 2-axis gimbal. It is truly a marvel of miniaturisation.
I am glad I didn’t jump onto the Mavic Pro bandwagon so early for the very simple reason: Portability. Yes. The Mavic Pro is portable too since the wings can be folded but once it is deployed, its size is still quite intimidating with spinning propellers. Think Beginner DSLR / advanced mirrorless versus compact camera and you’d get the idea.
The lack of a 4K video is definitely something to think about but once you understand who is your audience (Facebook/Instagram) then having 4K is really not that critical. For me, the speed of sharing quickly is even more important and the MP4 file size of the 1080p 30fps is easy for me to do a quick video with my GoPro 5 footage and still images from my phone.
Speaking of still images, it also doesn’t shoot in RAW. Again, definitely, a good thing to have and essential if you are shooting professionally but once you know how to shoot JPEG well, a quick tweak in Snapseed is all you need.
To read more of the review you can go to Techgoondu Website. If you want to see the footages you can visit my gallery.

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